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Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cable

Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cable

Armoured fiber patch cable Features
Steel tape armour inside outer jacket
Resist damage by improper twist
Resistance of  pressure and rodent bite
Different fiber optic connector types optional
Low insertion loss ,less than 0.2dB
Custom cable lengths  and cable jacket types, different cable jacket colors optional

Common fiber Optic Patch Cable Structure
The very commonly used fiber optic patch cables structure is like this: fiber glass core in the center of the cable, cladding outside the fiberglass for protection, Kevlar outside the cladding, Kevlar is soft as well as very strong material, then the outside is the cable jacket. Traditional fiber optic patch cords are tender equipment, you cannot bend it too much or the fiberglass will be damaged and broken, it is not suitable for harsh environment.

Armored fiber patch cable V.S common fiber patch cable
Armoured fiber optic patch cables are with same types of fiber optic connectors as the commonly used types, the different is the cable itself. These armoured fiber optic cables are typically used for indoor applications, with outer diameter of 2mm or 3mm, just like the common types fiber patch cables . The difference is armoured fiber optic cables are with stainless steel tape just inside the cable jacket and outside the Kevlar, This stainless steel unit provide extra feature as well as retain all the function that a common type fiber optic patch cable can give. Amored fiber optic cords are anti-rodent, and it can be handled as electric cables, it is not easy to get damaged or cut, and it can resist an adult step on it.


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