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Fiber Optic Adapters
sc fiber optic adapterSC Fiber Optic Adapter
SC fiber optic adapter supplied by are single mode and multimode types, in simplex and duplex structures. These SC fiber optic adapters are widely used in telecommunication networks, LANs, industrial, military and medial fiber optic communication systems.
lc fiber optic adapter LC Fiber Optic Adapter
We supply LC fiber optic adapters that are widely used in Gigabit Ethernet, CATV, multimedia and Metro networks. LC is one of the most popular small form fiber optic connections used in the world. LC fiber optic adapters are simplex, duplex and Quad types, in single mode and multimode versions.
FC Fiber Optic Adapter FC Fiber Optic Adapter
FC fiber optic adapters supplied by include the square type, thread FC adapter type and D type FC fiber optic adapters. These components are used to link FC type fiber connections in CATV, data processing centers, industrial, military and medical fields.
ST Fiber Optic Adapter ST Fiber Optic Adapter
ST fiber optic adapters offered by have simplex or duplex structures. These metal body ST optical fiber adapters are used in instrumentations, LANs, WANs and telecommunication networks. We have in stock the ST fiber optic adapters with good prices and fast delivery.
MU Fiber Optic AdapterMU Fiber Optic Adapter
MU fiber optic adapters supplied by are simplex, duplex and quad types, as the next generation small form fiber optic connector adapter, MU fiber optic adapter is widely used in subscriber network, device terminations and premise installations.
mtrj fiber optic adapterMTRJ Fiber Optic Adapter
MTRJ fiber optic adapters supplied by are single mode and multimode versions. These adapters fit the small form MTRJ duplex fiber optic connectors, the MTRJ fiber optic systems are used in active devices, transceiver interfaces, multimedia and other fiber optic communications.
e2000 fiber optic adapter E2000 Fiber Optic Adapter
E2000 fiber optic adapters supplied by are single mode and multimode versions. E2000 is trademark of Diamond Company, it is one of the latest and most advanced fiber optic connection types. E2000 fiber optic adapters and components are widely used in FTTx, WANs and LANs.
hybrid fiber optic adapter Hybrid Fiber Optic Adapter
Hybrid fiber optic adapters are used to link two different kinds of fiber optic connectors; we supply a wide range of hybrid fiber optic adapters to fit SC, ST, FC, LC, and MU assorted connections. They are in single mode and multimode types and most of them are female to female structure.
We supply most kinds of the fiber optic adapters , including SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, MTRJ, MPO, MTP, E2000, both in single mode and multimode, simplex and duplex types. Hybrid type fiber optic adapters also available. These fiber optic adapters are ideal components used for linking the fiber optic patch cable assemblies and fiber optic communication equipment.

Standard adapter
fiber optic adapters are used to link the fiber cables or devices. Usually they are female-to-female type, but there is also female to male type available. Typical good quality fiber optic adapters are with ceramic sleeves, sometimes people also use bronze sleeve for multimode fiber adapters.

Hybrid fiber adaptor
If the interface of the fiber optic adapter two ends is not same, we call it hybrid fiber optic adapters , such as SC female at one side, LC female at another side.

Bare fiber adaptor
bare fiber adapters allow users to make fast connection of the bare fiber and the fiber optic equipment; bare fiber adaptors can be used in some emergency situation for urgent connection. Besides former standard and hybrid types, we offer bare fiber adaptor series.


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