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Fiber Optic Cable Management
fiber optic patch panel Fiber Optic Patch Panel
Fiber optic patch panel is an indoor use fiber optic cable management unit. We supply the rack mount and wall mount fiber optic patch panels for fiber cable organize and distribution.
fiber optic odf Fiber Optic ODF
We supply the fiber optic ODF unit that are 19 inch standard frames with modular design, these optical distribution frames are used for fiber optic splicing protection and management.
fiber optic splice closure Fiber Optic Splice Closure
Fiber optic splice closure is an outdoor use fiber optic cable management. We have different fiber splice closures suit for aerial, duct and direct buried optical fiber cables, providing spaces for fiber cable splicing and protection for the joint point and the fiber optic components.

Fiber optic cable enable fast and high speed data transmission .the fiber optic cable management units are used to organize, distribute and protect the optical fiber cables. Typical fiber optic management products include the fiber patch panel, optical distribution frames and fiber optic splice closures.

Fiber optic patch panel is a 19 inch standard size unit which is flexible to deploy, we supply the rack mount and wall mount fiber patch panels. Optical distribution frames are with max 96 fiber counts management with different optional adapter interfaces. Fiber optic splice closures are used for outdoor cable management. We supply the fiber cable management products with good prices, excellent quality and prompt delivery.Fiber optic terminal box are small size fiber optic management, flexible to use, with many types and different optical ports like SC/FC/ST/LC, etc.


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