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Fiber Optic Loopback Cable

Fiber Optic Loopback Cable

Fiber Optic Loopback Cable Specifications
Insertion Loss (dB) ≤ 0.2
Exchangeability ≤ 0.2 (500 cycle passed)
Temp. Range ≤ 0.2 dB ( - 40 to +80 degree centigrade)

Fiber Optic Loopbacks Cable Applications
Equipment interconnection
Device pig-tailing
Premise networks
Patch panel applications
Communications connections

Fiber Optic Loopback Cable Brief Introduction
Traditional fiber optic loopbacks can be regarded to be the two connectors on the same piece of simplex fiber optic patch cable put together, thus it forms a loop. fiber optic loop backs are used in fiber optic test applications. The two most commonly used fiber optic loopbacks are SC type and LC type, while there are also ST, FC, and MTRJ, FDDI etc types.
Just like fiber optic patch cable assemblies, fiber optic loopbacks are classified by single mode type and multimode type. Typically single mode SC type and LC type fiber optic loopbacks are blue color, typical multimode LC and SC type fiber loop backs are beige color, this also goes with the practice of fiber optic patch cables. Loopback fiber core can be 9/125 single mode or 50/125 multimode, or 62.5/125 multimode.

Molded fiber Optic Loopback Connectors
Besides the traditional fiber optic loopback, we also have the molded fiber optic loopbacks, which are with custom designed strain relief boot.By incorporating a rigid connector shell for fiber protection with an easy to use, ergonomic package, the molded fiber loopback is designed for durability and performance. The molded fiber optic loopbacks are available by SC and LC types, which are easy to use for fiber optic test purpose in the lab experiments or manufacturing environment.


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