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Fiber Optic Ribbon Cable

Fiber Optic Ribbon Cable

Fiber Optic Ribbon Cable Features
MTP, MPO connector options
Standard and custom polishes
SM, MM, and MM laser optimized fiber types
SC, LC, ST, FC, MT-RJ, and MU connector options (breakout style)
Bare ribbon, 2mm, 3mm, ruggedized, and custom jacketing options

Ribbon fiber optic patch cable structure

Traditional fiber optic patch cables are with simplex or duplex structure, in simplex structure there is one connector on each side of the cable, inside the one jacket there is one thread of fiber optic glass. This simplex fiber optic patch can only transmit one fiber optic signal. Ribbon fiber optic cables are usually with multi channel fiber optic connections inside the same fiber optic cable jacket, thus it is space saving and suitable for applications such as fiber to the home.

MPO/MTP ribbon fiber optic cable connectors
The trend of fiber optic cable assemblies is smaller and more compact, this not only require the suitable cables structure but require suitable fiber optic connectors. MTP and MPO are the unique fiber optic connectors; they each contain multi channel fiber optic connections in the single connector. The fiber core in MTP and MPO has many options, such as 4 fiber MPO, 8 fiber MPO, 12 fiber MPO and more.


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