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Multi Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

Multi Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

Multi Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies Applications
Outside plant
Premise networks
Aerial distribution
Communications closet/NOC

Introduction of multi cable assemblies
Multi fiber cable assemblies can be with various structures and connector options, for example fan out fiber pigtails . Fun out fiber optic cable assemblies is a typical one, usually with one MTP or MPO at one side of the cable, with fan out structure at the other side of the cable, such as a MPO to 8 LC cable, fan out fiber cable assemblies usually adopt 0.9mm O.D fiber cables or 2mm fiber cables. Fan out fiber cables is a 1XN type, while there is NXN type available, such as 12 SC to 12 SC fiber cable.

Custom Multi Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
The multi fiber cables are a custom design product; cable length, jacket types and connectors are with many options. To easily identify the multiple fiber cables, 0.9mm cable itself are made with different colors, if 2mm or 3mm cable it will be put number label to identify. Pulling eyes are also available with the cable; pulling eye is small devices, which can be fastened to the cable and easily, pull it through duct or small space place. Long fiber optic cable assemblies are usually packed by plastic or wooden reels to protect it from damage.


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